Get to Know Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

<3 Home is where life happens.

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines was created with you and your family in mind. Thoughtfully designed by Joanna herself, each piece creatively combines unique vintage elements in a fresh and simple way that is family-friendly and comfortably livable.

We’re so proud and excited to include her wonderful collection in our online and in-store selection. Joanna has a unique flair for decorating with an aesthetic that is timeless and bold at the same time. Her Magnolia Home collection is broken up into 6 categories that can be mixed and matched to create a distinct and personalized space…just for you!


Magnolia Home Farmhouse Arden Gathering Table

Farmhouse is welcoming, comfortable and timelessly fresh. It features charming details such as scalloped trim, farmhouse-style turnings and age-worn finishes. Farmhouse is a nostalgic look into the way things used to be; how people worked with their hands, came home, ate well, and rested. It’s a story of times past, how things used to be made, how they used to look. This style is the simplicity and timelessness of the past.


Boho Bedroom Valet Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

Boho is a seamless blend of eclectic and vintage styles, with Victorian Bistro and Mid-Century Modern elements. It’s fun and playful; because the eclectic feel allows you to throw the design rules right out the window. Boho is an unexpected play on texture, color, and shape.

French Inspired

french inspired magnolia home joanna gaines

The French Inspired collection is all about details. This style will introduce effortless elegance, classical details and bring a polished feel to your space. It features vintage finishes, eased edges and pairs perfectly with the substantial pieces in your space.


primitive bedroom magnolia home joanna gaines

Primitive pieces have managed to stand the test of time. They hold a weight and hardiness that other styles can’t match. The Primitive line’s effortless details; such as turned legs, simple carvings and relaxed finishes, forms an ideal blend of “back-to-basics”elements.


industrial bedroom magnolia home joanna gaines

This genre is bold and holds purpose. These pieces come with a strength and a story that inspires the practical side of a room. Industrial pieces came from a place where hard work was happening and are characterized by their signature worn-in, repurposed look.


traditional bedroom magnolia home joanna gaines

The Traditional style is today’s interpretation of yesterday’s timelessness. It blends traditional lines with unexpected flare. This style’s details are familiar, but simplified and freshened with easygoing finishes.

Fill up your home with the beautiful and timeless style of Joanna Gaines.


  1. Love the show, but I’m getting really tired of Chip. He needs to quit trying to be overly cute and just do the construction, like Joanna just does the design. Seaon 1 was much better than it is now.

    1. Chip is real and wouldn’t change a thing….his dilly nature is the backbone of the show and helps her to be cute… she’s coming out more because of chip… love them….c

    2. I adore both Chip and Joanna, their personalities complement each other. I love the family dynamic; their children are a testament to great parenting. Hopefull they are as “real” as they appear. Chip’s antics even out the show and I find him humorously interesting. Their alliance with American Signature causes me to rethink about looking at them, in times past I would never consider purchasing from the Store.

  2. Joanie from Naples, Fl

    Love, love. love the show and Chip just the way he is!! Joanna is adorable and the way chip makes her laugh
    is very heart warming. They are my favorite couple besides Me & My Husband, of course. Please do not
    change a thing!

    1. I agree whole heartedly…Chip is crazy funny and Joanna also seems to build off his humor and he certainly makes her designs come to fruition. The quality of his workmanship seems top notch, as her design skills are superior.

  3. I love your show. I like that you guys come across that you are family people. I love the kids. The kids all look like Joan ann. !

    I love the big clock you put in all your homes. I learned a new word and it meaning watching your show (ship board) ( SMILE)

  4. I dearly love ur show. Not trying to put on a national all seriousness type of series. I really enjoy ur mix n mingles of all types of designs. The rustic n the stories of ur reclaimed wood etc. is all great n it is brining back was normally be thrown away. The big clocks n ship lap is so great n u guys r getting better n better as time goes on. It almost makes me want to move to Waco n have a heart- to- heart talk with u guys. I love ur close family ties n that makes a sweet home. Keep up the great work, n I would love to hear back from u guys. Chip n Joanne u r the best. I’m a fan n love ur designs. U put alot of natural humor in ur series, n that is wat makes me feel so close to u guys n bring it all home to me. Lots of love n with great luck on all ur series.

  5. Joanna and Chip!! You two make a wonderful couple!! I try not to miss any of your shows!!! About 4 years ago, I had to have major brain surgery, and of course, things went wrong. I had 3 anyrsums (sorry, forgot how to spell it, but i think you understand), anyway, the smallest one on my brain was in the front of the other two. It was towards my forehead.. anyway that’s the one that burst…I was in the hospital for about 6 weeks, my husband divorced me, and my loving brother Buddy, came over to Tampa to see me just about everyday, and he worked the night shift., and came to visit me in the nursing home where I was getting therapy, and recouping. Just about everyday. Can’t remember how long I was in the nursing home, I think maybe about 3 months, not for sure!!!! Anyway, we went to his home and stayed there for awhile, and that’s when he told me my husband divorced me. I didn’t even remember him, until in the divorce I got the home, (even tho, I’d love to sell it, some memories are coming back, I just as soon not remember them. Anyway, my brother was a Vet,, in the Navy!! I had a feeling that something was wrong, but he wouldn’t tell me what. Friends of his from IL., flew down to visit. We had a wonderful time. When Buddy took them to the airport, he told me he was stopping by the VA hospital. Well, 9 days later he passed away due to brain cancer.. He and the doctors didn’t tell me, I think it was my brother’s wish, not to tell me, or I just don’t remember them telling me. With the short and long term memory loss,, and it’s been a couple years now, so can’t remember if they told me or not. I’m just writing you in regards to you both and your family. Family is important, but apparently mine was at one time, but not anymore. A ex-sister, sorry to say, moved in to take care of me, but she also brought a son and his girlfriend to live here too. They all used me, they didn’t care about me, they just wanted a free ride, granted, she did buy some food, but I had a very high water bill, where i live they think the water is gold here. Anyway, I had the electric bill, cable, house insurance, car insurance. I was on a fixed income, which isn’t much, but I’m blessed to have it. Now my other sister (whom I totally love and TRUST, has been taking care of my bills for me, the past 2 years, maybe, I think!!? Not for sure how long. The moral of the story here, keep your family close.. After my sister did what she did, I haven’t spoken to her since. And I don’t want too!! Don’t care too!! Then my brother’s daughter moved in with her two little boys, 2 year old, and a 10 month old at the time. She turned around and took from me. And I mean TOOK ME FOR A RIDE, until my sister figured out what was going on!! She seen my bank statements online, while paying the high electric bill, water bill and food that they would buy with my debit card. Not only that, she met a man on line, and he ended up moving in. Nice, right? Well, he was a good guy, really he was………it was her that was evil. WHAT I AM GETTING AT, IS DON’T TRUST ANYONE, BUT YET, TO A POINT TRUST THEM. Did that make sense? I just wanted to say, you all have a special bond, and I hope and pray for you and your families, that it will always be that way for you ALL!! Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Grandparents. Cousins, etc!!! Family is a special gift from God, it’s just too bad, mine treated me wrong. I just wanted to say, you two make me laugh, and make me forget what I have been threw the last 4 plus years. God bless you all. Be kind to one another, but have fun doing it!! I just want to sign ME!!! DON’T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT MY PAST PROBLEMS. THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER, AND I PRAY EVERYDAY, THAT THEY WILL KEEP GETTING BETTER. MY MEMORY, NO, I DON’T THINK THAT WILL GET BETTER, BUT MY LIFE IN GENERAL IS BETTER. YOU BOTH KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOBS, I LOVE WHAT YOU DO JOANNA, WHEN THE HOUSE IS COMPLETE!! OF COURSE YOU TOO CHIP, YOUR PRETTY GOOD TOO!!! LOL!!!


  7. We are so lucky to have a program all the family can enjoy and learn by. Chip and Joanna are everyone”s
    favorite couple!!

  8. My all time favorite show on television. don’t change a thing….we need more shows like this that show hard working and family oriented. Not to mention how funny, talented and hard working they both are, of course, we know there is help. I wish I could find a home to redo the way they do that is affordable. Thank you

  9. I enjoy the show, love most of the designs. Chip does need to tone it down, he gets rather annoying at times. I do understand that most of the show is staged as is most TV shows of this nature, however this show seems to be better than the others. when the house is complete and show is over unless bought just what stays?

  10. I love Chip and Joanna, they are so real. They are so family oriented and as mentioned before, hard working people. They also do a fantastic job rebuilding and remolding all those homes people buy. Don’t change a thing, stay as you are, you guys are great role models.

    1. Love the show,back off Chip,Johanna has the knowledge and the beauty .Love there relationship and the involvement with there children.The world needs more of this type family values

  11. I love your show guys!!
    Chip and Joanna are the best couple! God bless you guys !
    I told my housban the we are moving to Waco Tx!!
    I want you help us to build our house !! W you are awesome and adorable!
    We just love you guys!!

  12. Love the show…chips silliness is the charm of the show that brings out Joanna’s charm..they are the modern day Lucy and dedi….don’t ever change !!!!! Carl

  13. The absolute best of it’s kind of show. Down to earth so enjoyable to watch this program. No other programs of this kind even comes close. Even my husband agrees. Please don’t change a thing. Don’t mess with perfection!!!!

  14. me and my wife watch your tv show all the time we like you & chip your show is down to earth
    we are thinking about moving to waco we will be getting in touch with you

    thank you for your show and the way you do things you have a awesome show keep it up

  15. Brenda Ashe / October 12, 2016

    My daughter and I LOVE Chip and Joanne, their family and this show. We’ve gotten good ideas from Joanne’s expertise in decorating and Chip adds happiness to the program. We love it when they show interaction with the children at home. What a lovable family. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Thank you for entertaining us and providing an entertaining, educational show for the whole family. We hope to travel to Waco at some point!!!!

  16. I am so glad I am afforded the opportunity to leave a comment. Ever since I came upon your show I have not stopped watching it. I think it is the best show on TV. I love Joanna, Chip and the children. They are a great family and the way they incorporate the children into the show, is exceptional. Joanna’s brilliant design and Chip’s construction skills compliment each other.

    Please do not ever change …you are refreshing and the best thing on TV!!


  17. Ann G / October 14, 2016

    Joanna and Chip are an inspiration. They make everything look so awesome -and Joanna makes decorating look easy. II love love her style. It makes me want to move to Waco!.. and the kids are so adorable …Don’t CHANGE a thing! If HGTV was not on I would have not be watching any TV You make my day (and night)!

  18. One of the best shows on TV. Chip and Joanna are a wonderful team. I have gotten decorating ideas from Joanna. Thank you both. Don’t change a thing!!! LOVE IT!!!

  19. Oh Chip & Joanna, please, please stay like you are. We so need a married couple to show how to tease and be playful with each other while still having a deep respect for one another. You have fun together, but never ever talk down to one another…I love that. Chip bringing the kids by the last night of Joanna’s decorating just shows where your priorities are. The whole family can watch the show without children being sent out of the room or having to turn the channel; no cussing, no sexual innuendos, no immodesty, just good family entertainment; the fact that I love the design is the icing on the cake! I hope your show lasts and lasts, but Chip, one word of advice…no more cockroaches please I had just eaten and well…
    Great family show and wonderful decorating ideas!

  20. F. Auguste, FL
    Love, love that show. I saw every episode multiple times never get tired of Chip & Joanna and their love for their children and the clients.

  21. I have been wanting to ask HGTV, if this show, which I admit is very Texasee, is biased in anyway. You can see homes being rehabbed for inter-racial couples, straight couples, Caucasian couples, religious-right couples, all kinds of couples and sometimes some singles, but you NEVER see a same-sex couple. I believe, that the show is biased. You can call me anything that you wish, but remember that God, made us all. Bible in one hand and Gun in the other. The day will come when we will be forced to love each other.

  22. Love Chip and Joanna! I gotta tell you though Chip. When you ate the roach on the show, I was crazy! jumping up and down, trying to get it back out of ya. Trying to make you throw up. Praying for the next time Joanna had to kiss you. I was gagging and finally sat back down to enjoy the show! Do NOT do it again Chip! I can only take that once. Man alive!
    My husband worked in Houston for about six months and all I could think of was how do I get to Waco and back before he gets off work. I have said repeatedly we need to live in Waco. I need the open concept and something from Clint Harp and at least one barn door.

  23. I love the show. My husband has started watching it with me. I get so many ideas from Joanna and love the offsets you see of Chip and Joanna and those kids.
    We went to Wichita Falls, Texas recently and would have loved to run by Waco and check it out. Had a short time to get back to Georgia though. Even though he is
    crazy to eat that roach, I love the “really honest interaction” between the two of them. Want more of you two!!!! Keep it up, we love what you transform these houses
    into. Good luck with the silo!!!!

  24. Fixer upper is my favorite show I absolutely love this couple and their children I bought their book and ordered their journal for a yearThey R truely the American dream

  25. Wouldn’t want you to change a thing about your show. Great family. Love it when you bring the kids in. Would like to see Chip do some surprises for Joann as she does so much. Love how you put all the amazing things together in the homes. I would not know where to start. Wish you were on more often.. Love to see where you purchase your items. Love, Love Love your show…

  26. I wouldn’t change a thing – I love the show, Joanna’s design style and Chip’ s antics….. I especially love the kids when they bring her “energy” gifts – Keep things as they are –

  27. Love the show! Love kids but am turned-off by them being the first to eat in our newly remodeled house. Joanna is beautiful and compassionate. Chip is sometimes too silly for me — then I just change the channel. Agree that we need more of them in new programs and far fewer re-runs!

  28. Sweet and caring people – about the couple they are helping, their craft folks(who contribute to the show), and their ability to see something in the most ‘challenged’ home. It is a wonderful perspective that even in the mess or poor design, there is hope.
    Chip and Joanna give an incredible value in their home renovations and repurposing items. It is such an inspiration and makes me look at situations, life, and challenges as just needing some ‘renovation’.
    Joanna and Chip are great role models of good parents, setting good examples if working and working together…that everyone has something to contribute. The value of training in simple skills of sewing and cooking. God bless’em!

  29. This is our family show we always gather together to watch. We love every bit of getting to see the home transformations. It’s our family dream to buy and renovate an old home in Georgia, have chickens, and even goats! We’re hoping to make the leap in 2018 and until then will live vicariously through this great couple.

  30. I LOVE the show. I love the designs and can’t wait for the new season episodes. One note however, Joanna, your design is exquisite, but where is the color? I recall and episode when you were decorating for a doctor and he was quite “fearful” of all the white. Suggestion: I am a nurse. His and my environment 10hrs a day is sterile, and cold. When I return home I want to see color, not white. I live in Atlanta but just relocated from BIG D. Little a, double L, A, S. I will be doing a basement/apartment conversion soon and would love to see you two show us your talents along that line. Thanks for all the great ideas and all you do for your community.

  31. Stay positive and the show and the emphasis on repurposing old homes and items that make an interestiing way to use things that get thrown away. Your children rock

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  33. Thank you both for giving me hope, I will probably never own a house but I get so much joy out of the homes you rebuild for those good people. It’s as if I’m about to move in when you pull back the picture of the old house. Keep up the good work and bless you all and those beautiful babies.

  34. #1 FAN Dear Johanna and Chip I Love the chemistry between you both. Perfect match made. I love Chip what a real man is all about,, loving, caring, funny and more than a whole bag of chips meaning potato chips. A REAL TRUE LOVE STORY. Trade my cooking show for your show.
    Love you guys.

  35. LOVE the show. Are u guys for real? I do hope so. It is wonderful to see a couple who truly honors the concept of marriage, who are
    dedicated to teach their children by example. How did u meet?
    I have watched your shows many
    times (it has helped me through
    a very difficult family situation).
    I enjoy re-playing some specific
    shows where you and your beautiful children do things together. May God continue to bless you and guide you.

  36. I just love the fact that they will take on a project no matter how high or how low the total all in budget is. Wish they world take projects in Marietta GA.

  37. I truly enjoy watching this show. It’s refreshing to watch a couple truly devoted to one another and their family. I love the transformations they make in the homes they do. Glimpses of their home lives are special, too. Chip reminds me of my husband of 46 years in his craziness. Keep those shows coming, please.

  38. Love this show love chip and joanna great couple great kids chip is great in construction joanna fantastic in decorating would love to go shopping with her.she has a great eye. In decor am tempted to move to waco just too meet this marvelous family. Bless yall look forward to more eposodes. Thank you.


    1. I think Chip’s humor is quite funny. I laugh hysterically at him…It really is a good balance! Lighten up!!!!

  40. Great Show! Chip your a funny guy! Joanna your beautiful. Your an inspiration to couples and business families. Keep up the good work!

  41. I love your show ,I love the you make a beautiful home out of nothing ,I love when you take the kids to work and the family interaction it is very refreshing .PLEASE DONT CHANGE

  42. You guys are awesome I really enjoy your show Chip you are very crafty and Joanna you are fantastic I like that you also involved the kids IT Is an AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!

  43. We have been watching the show since season one. Love the concept, love the relationship they have not only with each other but their children and colleagues. WE tend to gravitate toward the older homes that are restored but they manage to make us appreciate all the homes in the end. The designs are great and we love the overall finished product (almost always ) 🙂 After 4 seasons it is still our go to show on Tuesday night. We get together with friends have dinner and coffee and watch Chip and JoJo. WE are praying that they have an incredible year and are blessed with good health. Thank you for all you give to us weekly.
    Vas and Joe

  44. I hope we don’t get a message down the line that this couple are splitting up …that would really depress me. They seem so happy and normal that it would break my heart of they are faking it. Love their ideas and love the show. Pat Napolitano

  45. Love this show! Love Joanna (she so pretty) and Chip, come on, he’s hilarious. Great design work. Don’t change a thing, it all works! Congrats and continued good luck guys!

  46. I too LOVE, LOVE, the sow. Your both great and having your children appear from time to time is a special added addition which I just LOVE! LOVE the close family ties that bind and is so obvious when the whole family appears together from time to time. I especially loved the time you showed the whole family on your farm. It’s so beautiful and touching. God Bless all of you!

  47. Both Chip and JoJo are talented in their area of expertise, they respect each other’s talents. They work together as a team which makes their work even better. She loves him like a women should love a man and he works like a dog for the family. They both lead with their hearts. I personally love her design style and appreciate them reclaiming forgotten homes one house at a time. I love the French house they did for the Doctor and his wife. I respect JoJos tolerance for all the animals, stuff, etc… that Chip brings home. And his silly behavior. She is a great catch, Chip knows it and loves her for choosing him. He deserves it as he is a good man! This kind of match seldom happens, they are blessed. They are blessing us with their exam[le.

  48. My husband and I are addicted to this show, love their family them as a couple and their awsome children, their lifestyle, the farm all the animals I cannot say enough. After everyshow I want to move to Waco, Joanna is so talented a genius in putting everything together, she is so gifted and has fantastic ideas. They are a devoted couple who work hard, have fun are are so connected to their family. Chip is very funny, you never know what to expect but it is always good. Look forward to the new shows with trepidation.

  49. He tries to be funny which he is not. We don’t watch it as much anymore because of his antics. It is a good show except for that.

  50. I love Fixer Upper show with Chip and Joanna Gains! My husband watches it with me because he likes Chip being funny at doing everything he can’t do anymore, because of health problems. I would love to visit Waco ❤

  51. I love the show and I think Chip is so funny and Joanna is so sweet. I think they are a cute couple along with their cute kids.

  52. Your commercial for your furniture is one of the most irratating in the industry.I wouldn’t buy one piece from your store.Get real.

  53. I love the show. Chip and Joanna are so cute together and I love how they interact with their kids (who are too cute). Not phony like the “other” couple!!!! They are what a real family is. The homes are so beautiful and they do such a wonderful job – it just amazes me each time at the reveal. Keep up the good work.

  54. What to say? I love them both, I love the program, I love the children, I love the furniture, etc. What I love the most is how sweet and real they are. Keep being amazing!!!!! You are the best.

  55. Chip and Joanna are GREAT, best show on HGTV. They love each other and their children. They complement each other in many ways. It just goes to show you, you can have fun at what you do. Don’t change a thing and keep up the great job !!!!!!!!
    You two and the children are welcome at our home anytime.

  56. I love to watch the show, i don`t miss any i live in Miami, Forida and love to see how you guys work very hard to transform any proyect in a work of art. Love your family, your farm, God bless you all,

  57. I love your show and my son and i are going to do a shiplap wall!! I bought the shiplap shirt from you guys and everyone i see here in Detroit actually knows what it means cause of your show!! Your children are adorable!! Keep up the good work!! I am hoping to come and see Waco and everything you guys have done!

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