Tips on Moving with Kids

Moving with kids is very overwhelming, and quite frankly, the more kids you have the more insane it is. Don’t underestimate the emotional and physical energy it takes to move – but don’t get discouraged either. We have to some tips and tricks to help make the packing process and moving day go a little smoother for the whole family.

  1. Our first piece of advice, ask for help. If you know you’re moving two weeks from Saturday, plan to have someone take your kids for the day. If you see yourself struggling to get boxes packed while your kids run around, have someone come over and watch them. You’ll be able to get so much more done, and you won’t have them wanting to take everything out of the box that you just packed up. If your family or friends are offering to help you pack up boxes, have them help with a room that doesn’t need your supervision. If you’re just going to hover as they pack up your glassware, assign them a different task.
  2. De-clutter after you’ve put your little ones to bed. Kids are not happy when all their toys go into boxes, and they especially aren’t when their toys move to the donation pile. Don’t tell them what toys they never play with because they will then declare that as their favorite toy and you’re horrible for giving it away. Make sure you do leave one box of toys out until the last day so they have entertainment while you conquer the rest of the house.
  3. Take your time labeling boxes. Whether that means you label by room or by item, it will be much easier on you during the unpacking process. Also, another helpful hint is to use color-coded tape so the movers know where you want the boxes taken once inside the house. Green tape means upstairs study, blue tape means living room. You can stick a piece of colored duct tape on each door to help them out.moving day
  4. Start packing earlier than you would have ever thought. If it took you and your husband a month to pack up your starter home, double or triple that time if you are packing up for you two, plus three kids, and a dog. Even if you think you live in a shoe box now, at the end of day, you’ll feel like you’ve packed up a hotel.
  5. Look into spreading out your move over a few days or over a long weekend. This works well if you are moving locally. If you plan ahead, you can work out a deal with the realtors to get your keys early. In the end, it makes the transition much easier on everyone and you won’t have a sea of unpacked, unmarked boxes in your front foyer haunting you at the end of the day.
  6. Don’t forget to wave goodbye to your old house. It can be traumatic to leave your childhood home, so if your kid wants to wave goodbye to every single room, let them.
  7. In order to keep your move a positive and happy experience for your child, surprise them with new toys and let them choose the carry-out the first night. This will allow them to associate your new house as an exciting adventure!

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