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End of Summer To-Do List

It seems hard to believe, but the end of summer is quickly approaching! Check out our list of ways to squeeze in a little more summer fun and get everything ready for those fast-approaching winter months.

  • Clean out your closet. We’ve all got that summer dress or pair of shorts that made it through the entire season without getting worn. Take a little time before the summer is over to clear out and donate those clothes you don’t wear anymore. And make sure you’re honest with yourself! If you didn’t wear it at all this year, it’s not going to make it back into the rotation when the warm weather comes around again!
  • Go shopping. Now that you’ve got extra room, grab a few new fashionable items for the Fall! Whether it’s a new pair of boots or just a simple scarf, it’s always fun to start a new season in style.
  • Check your gutters, siding, furnace and more. The mild early-autumn weather plus the upcoming cold make the end of summer the best time to check the exterior of your home. Roofs, gutters and siding should all be inspected to make sure everything made it through the summer storms unscathed. Also make sure the inside is ready for those chilly nights by inspecting furnaces and fireplaces.
  • Update your decor. Once you know your home is in good working order, take some time to look around at your decor. It may be time to re-do an entire room or perhaps just need a little refresh. Something as simple as swapping out an area rug, accent pillows or artwork can have a huge impact on a room and transform it from summer to winter.

mandarin2 refresh your bedroom

  • Enjoy the outdoors. The summers seem to go by faster every year! If you didn’t get to squeeze in some of your favorite hot weather activities, now’s the time. Head to an amusement park, go swimming or throw a barbecue (or all three). Just make sure to check the hours ahead of time. Swimming pools often close on Labor Day and amusement parks change hours once school is back in school.
  • Prepare for the indoors. People often feel like their social lives slow down in the winter months. Use these longer days and summer energy to get your home ready to combat those winter blues. Grab some new board games and make a standing date with friends to have a game night. Plan some pot lucks that are sure to bring friends together. Grab some new movies to add to your library for a cozy movie night. Putting in the planning now may be just the push you need to stay social when hibernation mode sets in.

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