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Apartment Solutions: Style + Storage

Decorating a rented apartment can create a few extra obstacles. The limited amount of space and storage can cause all kinds of decorating dilemmas. When building and renovating aren’t an option, creating space, having enough storage and making the space feel like your own aren’t impossible! It just takes a little creativity. Check out these five simple tips to help you create a home that feels like your own – even when you don’t own.

  1. Keep it light. Filling a small space with dark colors just makes the room look even smaller. Light colored furniture gives rooms an open and airy vibe and makes the space seem nice and, well, light! Not sure you can trust yourself around a white couch? Light colored tans, beiges and grays all create the same room expanding effect!westvillage6 apartment white sofa
  2. Use every inch of space. Think you’ve filled the room with all the furniture it can take? Make your furniture work a little harder for you by buying pieces with built-in storage options. Using the area under your bed gives you loads more storage without taking up any of your bedroom’s useable space. Ottomans and coffee tables also come with tons of great storage options. It’s space you weren’t using before that now makes organizing so much easier!
    hanover3 brown storage bed
  3. Be clear. Just like keeping furniture light, choosing clear and reflective pieces creates less visual clutter and makes the room appear more open and therefore bigger! Luckily for us, clear and mirrored pieces are all the rage these days. Everything from entirely mirrored dressers to clear end and coffee tables are easy to find. They create a great modern look while giving the space an open and clutter-free feel. nesting tables living room blue
  4. Keep it open. Just like clear and reflective pieces, open shelving options look great in a smaller spaces because they make the room feel bigger. They are the perfect example of fashionable and functional by adding storage and surface space that also creates a cool and contemporary design element to your room. Unlike a traditional closed bookcase, open bookcases also give the look and feel of wall and built-in shelving: no wall holes or construction required! magama bookcase apartment
  5. Get your lean on. One of the great decorating questions of the renter: to hang or not to hang? While most rentals allow you to hang paintings, there are usually rules about how big the hole can be and often they want you to fill it before you leave! Ain’t nobody got time for that! The solution? Lean the paintings! Leaning paintings will save you from the pain of both the hanging process and the cover up when it’s time to move. This contemporary (and security deposit saving) idea will also make it easier to re-decorate if you change your mind and want to switch up your design.ventana white sectional


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