Moving Tips: Newlywed Edition

You’ve had the engagement, you’ve had the wedding, now for the exciting part – moving in together!

Hopefully you’ve figured out some of the logistics – what area you’re moving to, what payment plan you’ll have, and so on. If you haven’t, those are definitely two places you want to sofa family room

Throughout this process, keep in mind that it’ll only go smoothly if you both make compromises. You each have your own style, your own personality, and your own opinion – you need to value that. There will be some adjustments when you live with someone and it’s up to you how you handle those changes. You’re going to be sharing your space with this person for a long time, it’s acceptable for you to both want your own personal space. Don’t be mad or offended if your spouse wants their own drawer, their own office, or the own area – that’s natural.

Next comes who’s stuff goes and who’s stuff stays. Decide together what furniture you both like and make sure it will go with the rest of the house. When doing this, consider which pieces are in the best condition and which will last the longest. If you can’t come to an agreement, sell both and buy a new piece together.

Moving time is a great time to clean out the closets and donate grandma’s old quilts. You’re essentially investing in a new home and also a new, refreshed look. white sectional sofa living roomIf you can’t afford to start from scratch, do it room by room. Just have an understanding upfront about what you are ready to get rid of, and what you want in your new home for the long haul. Remember, no piece of furniture or accessory is permanent, so if you’re having a hard time with your spouse’s possessions, compromise. Maybe it will grow on you or maybe you’ll swap it out in a few months. Regardless, they’ll respect and appreciate you more if you give it a chance.

Lastly, enjoy and love each other! While you may discover your spouse’s frustrating habits, remember why you married them. You may have your design differences or different ideas of cleanliness, but it’s important to accept those differences and appreciate all that the other person does for you. This is a journey and will be an adjustment no matter what – be patient with your spouse and enjoy your time as newlyweds!

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