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End of Summer To-Do List

It seems hard to believe, but the end of summer is quickly approaching! Check out our list of ways to squeeze in a little more summer fun and get everything ready for those fast-approaching winter months.

  • Clean out your closet. We’ve all got that summer dress or pair of shorts that made it through the entire season without getting worn. Take a little time before the summer is over to clear out and donate those clothes you don’t wear anymore. And make sure you’re honest with yourself! If you didn’t wear it at all this year, it’s not going to make it back into the rotation when the warm weather comes around again!
  • Go shopping. Now that you’ve got extra room, grab a few new fashionable items for the Fall! Whether it’s a new pair of boots or just a simple scarf, it’s always fun to start a new season in style.
  • Check your gutters, siding, furnace and more. The mild early-autumn weather plus the upcoming cold make the end of summer the best time to check the exterior of your home. Roofs, gutters and siding should all be inspected to make sure everything made it through the summer storms unscathed. Also make sure the inside is ready for those chilly nights by inspecting furnaces and fireplaces.
  • Update your decor. Once you know your home is in good working order, take some time to look around at your decor. It may be time to re-do an entire room or perhaps just need a little refresh. Something as simple as swapping out an area rug, accent pillows or artwork can have a huge impact on a room and transform it from summer to winter.

mandarin2 refresh your bedroom

  • Enjoy the outdoors. The summers seem to go by faster every year! If you didn’t get to squeeze in some of your favorite hot weather activities, now’s the time. Head to an amusement park, go swimming or throw a barbecue (or all three). Just make sure to check the hours ahead of time. Swimming pools often close on Labor Day and amusement parks change hours once school is back in school.
  • Prepare for the indoors. People often feel like their social lives slow down in the winter months. Use these longer days and summer energy to get your home ready to combat those winter blues. Grab some new board games and make a standing date with friends to have a game night. Plan some pot lucks that are sure to bring friends together. Grab some new movies to add to your library for a cozy movie night. Putting in the planning now may be just the push you need to stay social when hibernation mode sets in.
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Moving Tips: Newlywed Edition

You’ve had the engagement, you’ve had the wedding, now for the exciting part – moving in together!

Hopefully you’ve figured out some of the logistics – what area you’re moving to, what payment plan you’ll have, and so on. If you haven’t, those are definitely two places you want to sofa family room

Throughout this process, keep in mind that it’ll only go smoothly if you both make compromises. You each have your own style, your own personality, and your own opinion – you need to value that. There will be some adjustments when you live with someone and it’s up to you how you handle those changes. You’re going to be sharing your space with this person for a long time, it’s acceptable for you to both want your own personal space. Don’t be mad or offended if your spouse wants their own drawer, their own office, or the own area – that’s natural.

Next comes who’s stuff goes and who’s stuff stays. Decide together what furniture you both like and make sure it will go with the rest of the house. When doing this, consider which pieces are in the best condition and which will last the longest. If you can’t come to an agreement, sell both and buy a new piece together.

Moving time is a great time to clean out the closets and donate grandma’s old quilts. You’re essentially investing in a new home and also a new, refreshed look. white sectional sofa living roomIf you can’t afford to start from scratch, do it room by room. Just have an understanding upfront about what you are ready to get rid of, and what you want in your new home for the long haul. Remember, no piece of furniture or accessory is permanent, so if you’re having a hard time with your spouse’s possessions, compromise. Maybe it will grow on you or maybe you’ll swap it out in a few months. Regardless, they’ll respect and appreciate you more if you give it a chance.

Lastly, enjoy and love each other! While you may discover your spouse’s frustrating habits, remember why you married them. You may have your design differences or different ideas of cleanliness, but it’s important to accept those differences and appreciate all that the other person does for you. This is a journey and will be an adjustment no matter what – be patient with your spouse and enjoy your time as newlyweds!

Looking for some new pieces you’ll both love? Visit our site here and check out colors and styles that will work for both of you!

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Transform Your Space with Mid-Century Mod

soloMid-Century modern has become a favorite go-to style of everyday people and designers alike. Known for clean, uncomplicated lines, the pieces inspired by this classic era are perfect for creating a chic, fresh and refined looking space.

Check out these quick and easy ways to bring a mid-century vibe to your modern home.


  1. Keep it simple. sapphire chandelierThe #1 rule of mid-century modern design is to keep everything simple and uncomplicated. No fancy ruffles, sequins or ornate detailing here!
  2. Add in earthy elements. When we think mid-century, we often envision crazy plastic chairs and such, but much of mid-century furniture was actually very focused on rich wood tones.
  3. Put everything in the right light. Some of the most conic silhouettes and designs from this era can be found in lighting. From dome style lamps to the uber popular “sputnik” style, the right lighting can make or break your mid-century vibe.
  4. Go graphic with patterns. Prints and patterns of this time period were anything but boring. The perfect complement to an otherwise simple design, bold pops of color and geometric patterns reign create the perfect balance in mid-century designs.
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5 Tips for a Totally Beachin’ Design

There is nothing more relaxing than tranquil day sitting by the ocean. The warm sea breezes and calming ocean sounds just sooth the soul. While most of us aren’t lucky enough to live by the ocean everyday, we can recreate those beach house vibes with a few simple design tricks. Check out our favorite ways to turn your home into your own oceanfront estate:

east hampton

  1. Use light neutral colors as your base. If you’ve ever stayed at a beach house (or even if you’ve just seen photos) one thing they all have in common is that they’re light and bright! That means keeping walls and the large items of furniture (like sofas or dining room tables) light in color.
  2. Accessorize with ocean shades. Nature is the best designer around! The great thing about ocean shades is that they all naturally go together. So your room can be full of different shades sea greens, sky blues and sandy tans and still have a cohesive design.
  3. Be as literal as you like. If there is one type of decor that really lends itself to a literal interpretation, it’s a beach theme! Feel free to fill your space with sea shells, reef designs, jars filled with sand and more. They all just add to the feeling that the beach is right outside your door!
  4. Function is as important as fashion. While looking for pieces to fill your room, remember that the design also needs to work for your day to day life. You may find a sofa that’s the perfect style and color, but it won’t do much good if it’s not a comfortable and practical choice for your lifestyle.
  5. A little wear and tear is okay. Rustic isn’t just for country designs. A great coastal design should incorporate some rustic elements that evoke the feeling of a well-worn dock.

As the song says, “everything’s better” under the sea. We may not be able to live under the sea, but you can get the next best thing with our Under the Sea Collection.

Under the Sea

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How to Design for Him and Her

Designing a space both he and she will love doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right blend of colors, styles and a little bit of compromise, you will find that a beautiful room can feel right at home for the feminine and masculine alike.

ultimate comfort, kroehler, gray

Be Choosy with Color: Whether we want to admit it or not, there are still some colors that are automatically associated as more “boy” or “girl.” If you’re concerned with creating a space that’s too masculine or feminine, stick with neutrals and colors that don’t have as strong of a strong association with one gender or the other.

Geometric Patterns Work Best: Florals are an example of a pattern that can come across as decidedly feminine. Look for rugs, artwork and accent pillows that feature stripes, plaids, polka dots and bold geometric designs.

Add a Touch of Green: Houseplants are a great way to give your design texture and bring some life to your space. Not only do houseplants add a pop of color and natural beauty, they provide oxygen and some varieties even help purify the air!

Seeing is Believing: Do your research and find designs that appeal to each of you. The internet is an amazing place when it comes to decorating inspiration. Once you’ve both found rooms you like, compare them and look for colors, styles or themes that are complementary. You can use those similar themes as a starting place for a type of design you know you’ll both love.

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How to Make Your Home Pet Purrrfect

Pets bring so much happiness and love to our homes! Unfortunately, they also come with their fair share of scratches, fur and all kinds of messes. If you’re in the process of preparing your home for a new furry family member, or want to add some pet-proofing for a current cat or dog, follow these super simple tips and tricks to keep your home looking great:


  1. Pick the right fabric. dogLeather is one of the best types of upholstery for pet
    owners. It’s durable and easy to clean making it the best fabric to fight fur. Just remember to keep those claws trimmed to avoid scratches and tears!
  2. Add style while protecting your floors.
    Area rugs are important for homes with pets. They’re easier to clean (and replace if necessary) than a whole room’s flooring. When choosing the right area rug, choose one with a small, geometric pattern. They work best for disguising fur and any areas where an accident may have
  3. Accessorize with your pet. It’s not always an option, but if you’re in the market for a new sofa, consider one that color coordinates with your pet. While it may seem silly, it will actually make a huge difference. No matter how much you clean, white fur on a black couch will always be a losing battle.
  4. Cover cushions in style. Throw blankets are a pet owner’s best friends. Just like covering your floors with a rug, a throw blanket can offer style and protection for your furniture. Think of them like a couch cover only more stylish and easy to clean!

Protect your furniture from common pet problems with a Pure Promise Protection Plan

Product Features

Show Off Your American(a) Spirit

When you want to show off your American pride, you may think your only option is stars and strips from wall to ceiling. But there are many types of Americana decor to fit any design style. From traditional to boho and everything in between, here are some of our favorite pieces for making an inspiring USA inspired design.


Regency queen bed sapphireThis gorgeous deep sapphire color of this upholstered bed would bring a beautiful elegance to any Americana themed bedroom. Its distinctive color runs from head to foot and along the rails to reflect a regal quality. A double row of polished silver nailhead trim accentuates the understated curves like a visual whisper and grants further dimension to the headboard and footboard. Dark feet ground the look.

Conner 75" sofa red


Can’t you just picture this contemporary red sofa fitting perfectly into a subtle Americana theme? Track arms never go out of style and the aesthetic stays on trend when paired with wedge feet. Choose from one of our many fine upholsteries for a personal touch. Available in multiple colors as a custom order.

Quattro 5pc dinette blue


We love the clean and contemporary look of this chrome, glass and electric blue dinette set. This set also comes with red chairs so you have double the patriotic style options.

James chest white



This distressed style dresser would look great in a rustic, county style Americana design. The beautiful antique-inspired design and simple, clean lines definitely remind us of less hurried times. Five drawers provide plenty of storage in this conveniently sized, four-foot-tall chest.


USA pillow
You can never go wrong with the classic stars and stripes! When you want to really pull together the look of a classic Americana design, this accent pillow featuring patriotic script would add the perfect finishing touch.




Bedroom Product Features

What’s Your Bedroom Personality?

Sleep in, in style.

Have you always loved a particular hotel or bed and breakfast you’ve stayed at while traveling? Our new Bedroom Getaway program was inspired by the idea that everyone should have that feeling even at home.

Your bedroom is the essence of your personality. Every little accent piece, accessory, duvet, pillow represents you as a person. So why do some companies insist that you curate your bedroom by buying things in sets? That doesn’t show off how unique you truly are!

Our new Bedroom Getaway program is amazing because we let you take the reigns of designing and creating a bedroom that feels like you. To get you started, we’ve got some sets that could help you figure out what you want!

Are you into…

You love traveling to big, stylish cities, fashion capitals of the world. Exploring little boutiques in a back alley to the top designers’ shops along the main streets is your favorite thing to do when traveling. You stay on top of all the latest trends while still somehow remaining classic and timeless. You’re a fashion leader, with all of your friends following your lead. You’re not a bed and breakfast kind of girl, you want the glitz and the glam.

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bedroom getaway

You have an eye for design. You love the art of architecture and truly appreciates the craftsmanship of clean lines and structures. You’re into modern and sleek forms that are new and bold. You tend to mix the masculine and feminine all the time whether it’s in your suave, downtown apartment or in the chic, sophisticated clothes you wear. You don’t conform to what’s trendy and hip, you think outside the lines while still appreciating them.

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bedroom getaway

You’re the kind of person that appreciates leisure over everything. You’d be willing to sacrifice style for comfort but you don’t have to! You’re more likely to be sitting in a hammock on the porch reading a Gillian Flynn novel than going out on a weekend. You’ve got a laid-back personality that matches your sense of style. We bet you own a few pairs of jeans that you’ve had forever. You embrace the simpler side of life.

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bedroom getaway

You may have a flair for the dramatic! 😎  You’re the storyteller, the loud one that overexaggerates everything. You dream of life in theater but would settle for being in an Oscar-winning film. Everything must be lush and luxurious. You don’t take no for an answer because you know what you want and how to get it. Your goal every day is to wake up feeling the star you are, so your bedroom should match that!

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bedroom getaway

You’re an eclectic soul always in search of something new and exciting to do. You mix and match whatever you want because you refuse to be boring. You like to stand out against the crowd but never like to try too hard. You know where all of the underground bands are playing, where the best vegan tacos are in the city and always support your local shops. You spend the weekends exploring microbreweries with your buddies.


“What if I’m none of these, ASF?” No worries! You can curate your own personal style right here. Show off your style with #myASF on Twitter or Instagram. Or upload your pics here!

bedroom getaway

Trends & Inspirations

Add a Little Goth to Your Glam



Add a touch of gothic to your glam with the dark and dramatic styles of our Modern Gothic Collection. Featuring intricately designed details, luxurious fabrics and rich textures, these ornate and original items show off a captivating style that’s bold, beautiful and anything but boring.

goth modern gothic

black and white decorative pillow
In Love. You’ll fall for the Windy decorative pillow at first sight!
black faux croc dining set
Paradise Found. Explore a whole new realm of design possibilities with the lustrous luxury of the Paradiso collection.
black accent table
Old World Music. The Jazz accent table brings a touch of the Old World to most any room in your home.
black gothic mirror
Dramatic Twist. The frame heightens the Veronica mirror’s intertwined drama while its shape gives it a hint of softness.
black mirrored dresser
Hollywood Glamour. With its classic ebony finish and faux alligator skin panels, the Marilyn dresser and mirror are ready for their close-up.
Black faux leather sofa
Vegas Retro. The Alexis Midnight leather sofa looks like something Dean Martin and the gang would have enjoyed in a Vegas lounge so many decades ago.


Space Planning & Tips

How to Make Your Home Office Work for You

Whether you work from home full-time or need a comfortable place to browse Facebook for hours, we’ve got the tips you need to create the perfect home office.

  1. Let the outlets be your guide. When first deciding how to arrange your home office, use the outlets as your starting point. You won’t get much use out of a desk that needs to stretch an extension cord across the room to power your computer, phone, laptop, desk lamp and more.
  2. Storage from floor to ceiling. It’s usually the smallest room in the house that gets designated as the home office. Make the most of every inch of space!
  3. Invest in a great office chair. Unless you’re one of those fancy standing desk folks, you and your office chair are going to end up spending many hours together. Make sure you get one that’s supportive and ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable and in good alignment.
  4. Create the right feel with color. Did you know colors actually have the power to affect your moods? Instead of plain white walls, find a color that sets the tone for your work style. Whether it’s a relaxing blue or energetic yellow, the color of the space can have a big impact on how you work in the room.
  5. Room with a view. Give yourself something inspiring to look at. If you’re lucky enough to have a window with a beautiful view to gaze out for inspiration, great. If not, add art, books, famous quotes. Anything that will put you at ease when you’re feeling stressed or perhaps give you that spark of motivation you need.
  6. Add personal touches. Your home office is just that: yours. The room can be anything you want! From a traditional desk to bean bag chairs, it’s all about how you work best (unless you have a lot of clients visiting, then maybe normal chairs would be best).