All Gold Everything

Be a winner and stay on top of your game with our curated Go for the Gold Collection 🏅

tan, sectional, living room, kitchen

You may look at this collection and go “Nope, too much for me.” But the point isn’t to deck your place out with all gold items, but to add in gold accents where they fit best. But hey, if you want to completely drench your space in precious gold, be our guest!

We’ve got a few tips to help you incorporate some of these amazing pieces into your space:

  1. Start small. Try little accents like a lamp or mirror or art print. These pieces can help elevate your space in a dazzling yet subtle way.
  2. Or go big. One of our favorite trends this year was metallic fabrics on sofas or upholstered beds. This fabric trend can be tricky to implement if you’re not careful with how you add it to your space.


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