Staying In, In Style

You’ve discovered that you’re sick of going out, spending money, or just want to spend time in your pajamas and can’t think of ways to change up the plans? We can help you out! Whether you’re staying in with your friends, your boyfriend, or your spouse, we have some clever, fun and creative ideas to make staying at home more fun!

  • Games galore. No matter the age, people always forget and underestimate how much fun game night can get. Whether you decide to include alcohol or not, games like Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, Risk and Charades always involve a lot of laughter.
    friends eating outside summer
  • Night centered around the meal. There are many options if you want to take a night to celebrate food with your friends or family. You could host a pot luck dinner where everyone is required to bring their favorite dish with a recipe. You can host an international dinner night and everyone must agree upon a country and you make their most popular dishes. Each person must come with a fact about that place to share with others. If it’s just you and your beau, have a fun night in the kitchen and cook together.
  • Movie + sleepover. Pick out a couple of your favorite movies or a TV show to binge watch all night long. To make it more interesting, create a sleepover setting – bring all the blankets, pillows, popcorn and wine in front of the big screen and cuddle up in front of the TV.
  • Plan an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide and seek related games always bring people entertainment. Hide a number of things and give everyone a list of items that they have to find around the house. Allow your clues to involve some thinking before they run from room to room. To make it trickier, put a time limit on it and whoever collects the most items before the timer runs out wins a game day
  • Host a costume or themed party. Invite your friends over and have a dress up night. Halloween or not, dressing up as someone else is always a creative way to get people involved and invested in having a great night.
  • Karaoke night. A classic way to entertain a larger or smaller crowd is singing to them. Even if you may not have the best voice, everyone always enjoys an opportunity to bust a lung or a dance move on center stage.


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