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Summer is Ending – Kids Tackle Dinner

As summer comes to a close, you have minimal dinners left when your kids don’t have homework, sports and after-school activities. You already miss the long nights on the patio by the pool without the worry of bedtimes and packing lunches. How can you make dinner a different experience with these nights left? Switch up the roles!

We have some tips on how to make use of the rest of this time – kids take over the kitchen and tackle dinner for the family. We have ideas on how they can help you cook and some fun, summer recipes you can use.albany1

  • Be prepared for this cooking experience to take longer than usual – start earlier. When you’re cooking with kids and you want them to get something out of it, don’t rush the process. Make them read the recipes, get the ingredients out, and follow the directions to the best of their ability. Help them along the way to make sure the end product will actually be satisfying!
  • Expect there to be a big, big mess at the end. It wouldn’t be taught or done right if there wasn’t. Cooking can get messy anyways, but with kids around, you can only expect that mess to double. If that means putting tablecloths down, go for it.
  • Make sure you choose recipes that are age appropriate. A recipe that involves a food processor or beating eggs until soft peaks, might not be suitable for a 8-year-old. girl outdoor setting table partyCooking is a good learning process for kids though. It teaches them skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. Whether it’s teaching them about geography or math and fractions within the recipes, it will serve a purpose.
  • Cooking can also expose kids to new food groups. You should encourage them to test and taste foods while they cook. For example, a foreign vegetable that’s cooked versus uncooked.
  • Have some fun with it! If they only want to tackle the basics, such as measuring out the ingredients, don’t push them to do more. With more time, will also come more experience and comfortably. Sooner or later, you can sit back on the couch and let them take over completely!

Looking for summer recipes that are easy and kid friendly? Check them out right here!

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