Opulence and Decadence: Explore Art Deco

Putting on the Glitz

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All that glitters is gold with our curated Art Deco collection. Astounding in its elegance that calls back to an era of excess and opulence. One of our favorite movies in last decade is The Great Gatsby and it filled us with so much love for this era that we couldn’t wait to create this collection! Here’s how you can lavish your space with these designs.

mirror cocktail table living room

  1. Get ready to embrace geometry. This era was known for it’s bold geometric patterns intricately woven into every design. You can start small with wallpaper or wall art or go all the way with large pieces like a dining room table.
  2. Let your surfaces shine. Metallic finishes were all the rage in this era. Upgrade your boring accent pieces with mirrored coffee tables, silvery and gold fabric chaises, glass artwork, etc.

    art deco furniture
    Create a glamourous Art Deco space with mirrored accent chests and chandelier lamps. Set the mood right and you’ll have a space made for a classy cocktail party.
  3. The decor makes it work. Choosing the right decorative pieces to adorn your walls, tabletops, shelves is crucial in creating the art deco atmosphere. Oil paintings, lanterns, ornate statues complete the look in a bold way.
  4. Deep colors go a long way. When choosing the color scheme, be smart about it! The colors of this era were rich and heavy; from emerald green to burnished gold to dusky red. Use these colors sparingly, darker colors tend to make a room look smaller.
  5. Choose distinctive furniture. Art deco was all about angles and intricate large pieces like this Delano bed. Every piece has a personality that makes it vastly different from their contemporary counterparts.
  6. Last but not least, balance it out with neutral highlights. Art Deco is about decadence, but not too much. Have throw pillows and duvets in a dark neutral like gray or brown that stabilizes the space.

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